Computer Cleanup

A complete computer Tune-Up Service that speeds up your computer, installs updates, removes any viruses, and guarantees you the latest bug fixes and virus protection.


Have those old slides, film negatives, or VHS home videos? Let us convert them for you to a digital format! We will digital convert them to pictures and save them. We can also make a video slide show and place it on DVD or Blu-Ray! Want to share them with your family out of town? Let us know, and we will upload the video to YouTube!

Data Recovery

Have an old computer that is no longer working but has those family pictures, important tax documents or other important files? Give us a call! We will attempt to recover your lost information we place any information that we can recover on the media of your choice, we will even put your information onto your new computer if you like. If we can’t recover any information, there is no charge!

Network Help

Have that new computer, iPad, printer, or gaming console and need help getting it to communicate with other devices on your network? We can help set it up, and teach you how to use the new device.

System Upgrade

Looking to upgrade? Transferring data from one computer is not as easy as you would think. Let us take the stress off of you.