Computer Cleanup

A complete computer cleanup that speeds up your computer, installs updates, removes any viruses, and guarantees you the latest bug fixes and virus protection.

Complete Repair

Have that annoying Blue Screen coming up on your system? Let our professional staff look at it and help with it.


Not ready to do a system migration yet? No problem. Sometimes a simple upgrade will help. Upgrades can include anything from RAM, Hard Drives, to graphic cards to support additional monitors. Let us help with these upgrades.

System Migration

Time to completely upgrade your business computers? Need help with choosing the correct system for what your end user needs? We will work with your employees to see what their needs are, then turn that data into a complete report with suggestions on what systems are needed to upgrade and complete those tasks.

Data Recovery

Data loss is not something a business can handle. If an employee deleted a file by mistake, file corruption, or hard drive failure we can assist you with getting your data recovered and back to normal. 

Network Help

Small or Mid-size business we will assist in planning and implementation of installing or upgrading your network to the newest technology with in your budget.

Preventive Maintenance

Computers bust circulate air in order to remain cool and functional. As a result, dust collects inside the components. If this dust is not periodically and carefully removed, the computer can overheat. Chronic overheating damages components and leads to hardware failure. The inside of a computer must be carefully cleaned using the right tools and techniques. Never underestimate the value of a clean computer.